Who are we?


Team WordJo consists of Jolanda de Jong (founder), Hugo (the game designer) and a group of volunteers who have one goal:

Let kids play and learn. 

Let’s introduce foreign languages in a fun way. 

“Speak loads of languages and conquer the world!"

We as parents see that kids don’t like working with books. It’s old-fashioned and most of the time boring too. They love dynamics and challenges. Lots of kids don’t feel motivated in learning. The results are bad grades. This is a big problem for teachers and parents. 

A new generation asks for a new way of foreign language learning. A tool which fits with modern age of screens. A tool especially for kids, learning and playing a game in one!

My mission:


My name is Jolanda de Jong and I want to show the world how much fun learning can be!

After 21 years in education, I followed my dream…my own program, my own company to help millions of people around the world.

Study a language from a book, studying words from a book was never a fun way of learning for my students. I wanted to create something of which my students woul say “I don’t even notice I’m studying”. 

  • A game that would help all students of all levels
  • A game that can be played in school and at home
  • A game of which parents would approve
  • A game students would love to play to make great progress in language learning
  • A game teachers would love to work with in schools

This is how WordJo started. Out of ideology. All built out of passion and paid with my own money. If you realise that money is a tool to make something where people can benefit from, the choice is easy. I know how important it is to speak languages in general, not through a computer, but speaking from you heart, that is amazing!

Kids can use my program individually and all without help from an adult, like it should….It is very valuable that a kid can do think on their own and be able to function independently.

My wish for the future is to make the world a little smaller and help people all around the world to increase the languages we speak in order to understand each other a little better. Internationally for job opportunities it’s great to have extra skills to become valuable for a company and get a great job.

For countries who can benefit from tourism, it’s very important to speak at least English. I would like to support those people with their communication skills in order to make a living, rich or poor.

Making people proud and full of confidence…I love it.

You want this for your child, get WordJo now!



Ms WordJo
  • Initiatiefnemer van WordJo
  • 21 Jaar in het onderwijs


Jacqueline of all trades!


The Spanish voice


The English voice


The German voice


The French voice


Administrative angel!


Our smooth operator!


Jolanda de Jong has more than 21 years experience in education and she uses her knowledge about education especially in "how to learn in the best and fun way". You can learn a language in many ways, with online resources you can study and learn whenever and wherever you want. Foreign language learning in a modern fun way is possible with WordJo, on any device. We all love playing games young and old, we all love rewards, WordJo is a combination of playing games and getting rewards. Languages connect us all around the world. Get yourself a golden future and learn foreign languages with WordJo, it's affordable for everybody!

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