WordJo the game


WordJos the words! Get them: learn and shoot/buzz the words before WordJos take them away!  

WordJo has and adaptive system, this means you can learn at your own pace at your own level. 

level 1: Warm up round. In this round you only have to listen. You will hear and see the WordJos pass, listen and learn, so you'll be prepared for round 2! 

level 2: The WordJos pass slowly, you will hear a word and you make sure you shoot the translation of the word. If you shoot the wrong WordJo, the right WordJo jumps up...pay attention!

level 3: The WordJos pass and stop. Listen to the word and shoot the translations, there is no jumping WordJo to help you anymore. 

level 4: The WordJos won't stop anymore, make sure you are on time to shoot the right translation.

level 5: Two WordJos appear, you will hear a word, which one is the right translation? Be quick, you only have 15 seconds!

level 6: Six WordJos appear, which translation is the right one?

level 7: Four WordJos appear, which translation is the right one? Be quick, you only have 10 seconds! 

level 8: The WordJos will walk faster, make sure you are quick enough to shoot the right translation. 

level 9: Six WordJo's appear (from both sides), you will get (only) 10 seconds to shoot the right translation. 

level challenge: You will get a chance to show what you got and what you can do, you are allowed to make 2 mistakes to pass this level. Do you have what it takes? 

For all levels you will get a feed-back at "details" and "all statistics" for insight on your language learning. What can you improve? What went right and what needs some work? 

Scroll down to check in graphs how things go with your language learning. 

Adaptive learning/personalised learning

You will hear of have heard these terms a lot: adaptive learning and personalised learning. It means that everybody can work and learn at his/her own level and pace.

We support and introduced this in WordJo too. How? You can go through the levels as quickly and slowly as you like. You can follow the program, but you don't have to. We made it possible to choose your own path (level) and own pace. WordJo is made for all level and all types of learners. Do you want to speed things up? Go ahead! Need a challenge? Go get it!

Click the arrow to the right (in the game). Want to get a big challenge? Go do the challenge. You can only make 2 mistakes. After playing this challenge you will get either 1, 2 or 3 stars. 

Will you go for the three stars?

You are in control of your own learning process! 

Learning at your own level and own pace for everybody! 

Within WordJo there are 4 different ways of learning, with all 10 different levels!

There are 44 different levels in WordJo! 

  • EN-NL / NL-EN / MIXED / SPELLING (English)
  • EN-D/D-EN / MIXED / SPELLING (German)
  • EN-FR/ FR-EN / MIXED / SPELLING (French)

Different levels/ranks

With the points you will get while playing WordJo, you climb the "Ranks".

Every player gets a rank and it is up to you to climb to the highest rank. You rank will be shown in the "highscore":

  1. newbee
  2. brons
  3. zilver
  4. goud
  5. platina
  6. diamant
  7. jr. Wordmaster
  8. Wordmaster
  9. jr. WordJo Wizard
  10. WordJo Wizard
  11. Ultimate champ
  12. Extra ranks      klik hier

The Avatar

We all love rewards! Get as many "Jocoins" as you can get by playing a lot of games and dress your avatar in the coolest way possible. New shoes, new clothes, great sunglasses, a new haircut? What about a new cap? 

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