Technical questions/help

My sound doesn't work on an Apple laptop or computer.

  • Make sure your sound is on, check the volume level
  • Open your safari browser

Ga to “preferences”, click on “play automatically”

For support: mailto:

My game is stuck, what can I do?

A game can be stuck, you can try the following things: 

  • Just wait....the game might go on 
  • Reload the page, the play will start again 
  • Check you wifi/internet connection
  • Log in and log off, then log in again
  • Accept cookies
  • Empty the cache, you can do this by pushing control, shift delete at the same time.
  • Use an internet cable to play 
  • Is your device quick enough to play? Most devices are suitable to play WordJo. If the game has trouble loading, turn off some programs on your device. However if your device is out of the time of the dinosaurs ...well....
  • I have trouble logging in. This is annoying! Keep trying! There can be a glitch on your router or in the neighbourhood, maybe with your provider? If the problem continues, mail us, if we can fix the problem we will of course! 
  • I get the notification "log in failed". This could mean you typed in the wrong password. Is your capslock on? Do you use capital letters if you need to? Do you have the right email address? Is your membership up to date? Did the payment go well?
  • I get the notification "password is wrong". You can change the password by filling in your e-mail address at "forgot password" and you will get an e-mail from us, open the e-mail and change the password. 
  • I get the notification "you have no access to our languages", your account is not ready to play, do you you have an account? Go to Order and choose "we play WordJo at home" and get your very own membership. 
  • I get the notificaiton "you have no access at this time". Schools will have access between 8 am and 3 pm. After this time it is possbile to play WordJo and keep learning, go to Order and choose "we play WordJo at home" .

Still difficulties? Or you don't see your problem above? Mail us: we will answer you as soon as possible. Please be very clear about the problem and your e-mail address and nickname. 


WordJo and foreign language learning is a perfect combination. Study French, English, German, Spanish and Dutch whenever and wherever you want. WordJo can be played on all devices, also mobile phones. Play the demo and discover how much fun and how easy foreign language learning can be!

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