Are you a language teacher?

Would you like to teach in a modern way? Are your students interested in laptops, tablets and mobile phones?

Would you like students to learn languages faster? Would you like to use a program which doesn't cost you a lot of time and money?

There is a program for you!


The workload for teachers is heavy and we love to take some of this load off your shoulders.

  • WordJo will keep your students engaged for hours
  • easy to use database for all teachers
  • get tasks ready per date, so plan in loads ahead to save time
  • WordJo tests your students and gives grades without interference of teachers
  • suitable for every level
  • WordJo trains, stimulates and motivates
  • suitable for every student
  • suitable for mobile phones so no extra input of laptops/tablets for school
  • quick results
  • reward system (avatar) for every student which motivates
  • challenging also for brighter students
  • possibility to use your own lists
  • WordJo makes free analysis per game per student
  • Analysis easy to use for feed-back
  • Full control and full insight as teacher of results, time, date, points and analysis 
  • Auditive so no noise in your classroom
  • Possibility to test within WordJo, WordJo does the testing and correcting
  • made for and by educational professionals

WordJo helps you and your students with English/Dutch/German/French and Spanish. Try the demo and find out yourself!

Free of charge, you've got nothing to lose only a lot to win! Click here.

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