Privacy statement

Welcome to the Privacy Statement of WordJo. How great of you to check privacy. We think privacy is very important and take it very seriously. If you play with WordJo, no one else has to know about your games and your results. You also don't want your information to end up with other companies. In this Privacy Statement we explain which information we collect and how carefully we deal with this. We also explain which rights we have concerning your information. We have done our utmost to simplify this privacy statement and explain it in clear language. We keep us to the law (AVG). And your personal information? We guard this as good as possible. We do everything to make your experience with WordJo as convenient and safe as possible.

We gather information through our websites: We think it's important to tell you exactly why and what kind of information we gather, for which purposes, which legal base we use for that and how long we keep this information. In this Privacy Statement we try to describe this in a transparent way. The next topic are discussed: 

1. Who is WordJo

WordJo is a company. (KvK-number/Company number: 69474281).

You can contact us by sending an e-mail to We are located in the Radio Oranjelaan 2, 1318 AX Almere, the Netherlands. WordJo operates under the Dutch laws. 

With WordJo, users can play online games and practice with foreign languages. At this moment we have: Spanish, French, English, French, German and Dutch on the WordJo platform. When users play games, they can save up for Jocoins. These Jocoins can be exchanged for fun items for the Avatar. As a parents/user/player/kid you can also see how often your games are practised, which exercises/games are being played and how many questions were right/wrong. 

In short…

WordJo makes language learning more fun for users from the age of 8 till.........

Do you want to get in touch with us?Mail to:  or send a letter to WordJo, Radio Oranjelaan 2, 1318 AX Almere, the Netherlands. 

2. WordJo membership

To use our services, you need as user/parent a membership with WordJo. You need to make an account for yourself (the parent/main account) and for your child (the user/player/kid account). For every user/player/kid we make a personal user/player/kid account (if requested).

Parent account/main account and Children account/user account/player account 
For these accounts you need the provide the following information: 

  • First and last name
  • E-mail address;
  • Password.
  • Date of birth (optional)

For the children/user/player account you need to provide the following information: 

  • First name kid/user/player;
  • E-mail address (optional)
  • Date of birth (optional)

Financial data
If you start a membership, also financial information will be processed. With WordJo you can pay your membership in different ways. This will go online and will all go in a safe way. Depending on the payment method you choose, some financial information will be processed: 


  • iDEAL: with iDEAL you pay with your internet banking environment.
  • Creditcard: we accept MasterCard, Visa or American Express. You need to fill in your creditcard information and follow the necessary steps.
  • Paypal: You need to fill in your PayPal information and follow the necessary steps.

After the payment was successful, you automatically return to the WordJo page. 

We use this information to process the payment. The use of this information is necessary to execute the agreement between WordJo and the main account/user/player account.

Address information
It is possible to receive a welcome gift when you live in the Netherlands. Outside of the Netherlands this is not possible (yet). When this is the case then we record the address information of the main account/head account/user account so we can send the gift to the stated address. The use of this information is necessary for the processing of the agreement between WordJo and the main account/head account/user account/player account. 

In short....

Take out membership 

If you are a parent/user/player and take out a membership with WordJo, we make a parent/main/user/child account. For this we need you first and last name, e-mail address, password, the name of the child/user, date of birth (optional) and payment method. When you eligible for a welcome gift (and live in the Netherlands) we ask for your address information. 

3. Parent account/main account and children account/user account 

Parent account/main account 
In the parent account/main account you can track the progress of the child(ren)/user(s)/player(s). We need the following information:

  • User name;
  • password
  • Address;(optional)
  • residence; (optional)

If you are a parent/user/player and take out a membership with WordJo, we make a parent/main/user/child account. For this we need you first and last name, e-mail address, password, the name of the child/user, date of birth (optional) and payment method. When you eligible for a welcome gift (and live in the Netherlands) we ask for your address information. 

Children account/user account 
Via the main account/parent account/head account you can check the user/player/child account and adjust if required. 

To log in, into the children/user account, the child/user/player needs to have a (nick)name and a password. This can be the standard (nick)name and password given by the system or this can be changed in any name as desired. The use of this information is necessary to execute an agreement between WordJo and the parent/main/head user. 

Optional Information
Next to the (nick)name, password, first name of the child. Your child can provide the following optional information

  • Last name;
  • sex;
  • E-mail address;
  • Date of birth;

The information provide is something the main user/head user/parent can adjust at any time. 

We love to know your gender, so we can address you in the right way. 

We use the date of birth of the child to send a birthday e-mail. If not provided we will send it to the parent/main/head account e-mail. 

When the child/user/player fills in his/her e-mail address, we will send the new password (if requested) to this e-mail address. 

We process this information on the basis of legitimate interest and to make our service as convenient and useful as possible. 

Play with WordJo 
When a user/player/ child plays we will keep track of: 

  • Which exercises/games were done/made by your child/user/player;
  • When the user/player/child played;
  • How many minutes the user/player/child played;
  • How many questions/points/right and wrong were scored and how many Jocoins were collected;
  • The results per game (on the basis of testresults and practice time).

We use this information also in the parent/main account/head account, so there is an oversight of the use of WordJo for each player/user/child. 

The use of this information is necessary for the performance of the agreement between WordJo and the main user/head user/parent. 

In short...

Parent- children account/main account and user account
To use WordJo you need to make a personal account/head account/main account/parent account. Through the main account/head account/personal account/parent account you have access to the user(s)/player(s)/child(ren) account. We keep score of the exercises/games made/done by the users/players/children, how many minutes and how many questions, points, right and wrong, Jocoins and te results per game. 

4. Applicants/volunteers

The following information concerning applicants/volunteers are being processed: 

  • E-mail address
  • LinkedIn (optional)
  • Skype id (in some cases)
  • CV (included are age, address, job experience, education level etc.

This information is only collected for job procedures and will not be provided to third parties. 

5. WordJo shop

At WordJo you can earn Jocoins by playing games. Jocoins are personal and are linked to the account they are saved/gained. You can exchange Jocoins for articles for your avatar or articles for use in the game(s). 

The use of this information is necessary for the performance of this agreement. .

In short....

On WordJo you can save up for Jocoins and exchange them for articles in the WordJo shop.

6. Contact with WordJo

When you have questions or complaints about WordJo, you can contact with our customer service. We collect the contact information and your question and/or complaint. We will look in our system if you have a WordJo membership. We can also ask for information if we need it to answer your question and/or handeling your complaint. 

The information we gather, we use for answering your question and handeling your complaint. The processing of this information is necessary for the representation legitimate interests of WordJo. It is about you as a subscriber, to serve and provide the best customer service and to optimise WordJo. The provided information will be saved in our systems and will be used to analyse, optimise and improve WordJo. (see also Chapter 11 Investigation and analyse)

We also offer the possibility to take part in satisfaction survey and evaluation. Processing of information in the context of these surveys. Processing of information in the context of these investigations we do on the base of legitimate interest to optimize our services and and adjust and adapt to the wishes of our subscribers.

In short....

We use the information to communicate with you and help you in the best possible way.

7. Offers, reports, news letters, service messages 

WordJo uses the e-mail address you provided, your name and the name of your child(ren)/player(s)/user(s) to keep you informed about actions on WordJo, make offers, informs you about the platform and contacts your whenever needed. We can also use the information such as the latest time your kid/user/player played, which games were played, the results played etc. After you close the agreement with WordJo, we can also make you offers through e-mail, we also used the information on our platform for this. You can sign off through the unsubscribe option in every e-mail. 

News letters
You can give up the option to receive WordJo's newsletter. If you have registered for the newsletter we will use the e-mail you have given us. WordJo can also use the name, gender, the name of the child/user/player to personalise the newsletter. You can always unsubscribe the newsletter at any time. 

Service messages
We would like to keep you informed about any developments on the platform of WordJo. When there will be new features, an extension etc. we will let you know. For these service messages you can not unsubscribe.

We process the information on the basis of legitimate interests/rights to send you (commercial) messages. 

In short.....

We use your e-mail address to send you messages. We send news letters, sales and service messages. You can unsubscribe from all mailing lists, except for the service messages. The service messages serve the development of WordJo, and development never stops! 

8. Automatic generated information 

To make sure WordJo works in an optimal way (for example to view pages on the website and the game and to secure all pages) we need certain information. We collecte automatic generated information about your online surf behaviour during your use of WordJo. This information consists of your IP-address (the number of your computer makes it possible to recognize your computer), the type of browser (the computer program to view internet pages with), the computer system you use, the pages you visit and we place cookies. 

We use this information to adjust our service on the best possible way to solve technical and safety issues. 

We use the IP-address, the account number and the pages/cookies to (if) look into any unusual situations and to cancel any hack attempts. If for example we find and unusual amount of use of a certain account at multiple configurations we can do something against/about it. 

We use the browser data and the computer system to monitor how many people use certain configurations and we adapt the platform to that. Also this information helps us to "debug" (solve), we can see where (if any) problems originate. 

The processing of this information it is necessary to look after legitimate interests for WordJo, the interests of WordJo to secure and provide a user friendly platform.  

We use this processing of information to prepare anonymous statistics. Check chapter 11 "investigation and analysis".  If this automatic generated information with the help of cookies is collected, also chapter 8 "cookies"  applies. 

In short....

Automatic generated information 
We collecte  ‘automated gegenerated information’ of your (IP-address, type of browser, computer system, account number, the pages you visit on WordJo and cookies). We do this in order to let WordJo work the right way and to secure WordJo. 

9. Cookies

For WordJo we use cookies. 

10. WordJo Demo

When you don't have an account, you can try the free demo of WordJo. 

In short....

You can try the free demo of WordJo. 

11. research and analysis

WordJo aims to offer the highest quality. For this we are busy to analyse, maintain, secure and optimise so we , where needed make adjustments to our website (apps). 

For this research we use information like: 

  • the number of children/users/players that logged in/on;
  • the number of games that were played;
  • how long that was played;
  • how long people stayed on the WordJo platform;
  • which games were played and their results;
  • which articles were ordered from the WordJo shop;
  • which pages were visited on WordJo.

We do this on the base of 
legitimate interests of research, to improve the quality of our services. Only special appointed employees/volunteers have access to the information. The results of the research are always aggregated. This means that the information of the results of the research can't lead back to your child/user/player personally. We also use pseudonymized information and if possible 
anonymized data. 

Below we will give you examples of the inromation we can use, so this purpose for WordJo will be clear. 

  • Unfortunately it is possible that WordJo is nog accessible. When you report this to WordJo, we will analyse your account. We will try to track down why you can't log in and what the bug implies. We also check if this particular problem is also the case with other users/player and try to improve WordJo with this information.
  • We check in the WordJo shop which articles are "purchased" the most.
  • We research the quality of the content within WordJo. When we for example notice that certain games don't do as well, we check the game for it's contents and adjust if necessary.
  • We monitor the log in and the game behaviour to see if there are any rare patterns which could point to hacking activity. If for example your username logs in with the wrong password we will react accordingly.

In short....

We use your information to analyse WordJo, to maintain, secure and optimise. In this way, we can, where needed, apply adjustments in our website (apps).

12. Store information 

We store your information as long as needed for above mentioned purposes, or to comply to legal store obligatioins. Storage time depends on the nature of the data and the purpose for which WordJo provides in this matter. 

Concering the information of the account, we keep this as long as we provide the service, so as long as the agreement hasn't been ended. After ending of the agreement we keep the (parent) account and the user/player/child account for the duration of a year after ending the account, so it's possible to reactivate the account without losing the account information. 

After 1 year the children/user/player/parent account will be deleted, so all exercises, date, play time, test results and resorts will be deleted from the account. We will keep the e-mail address of the parent/main/head account. We will keep this information 5 years after ending the account. We store this on the basis of 
legitimate interest to send commercial messages. The major part of WordJo members start in group 3/4 (based on the Dutch educational system). Which means they will be at primary school for another 5 years and 2-5 years at secondary education, so they can benefit many years from the service of WordJo. The main account/parent/head account holder can unsubscribe of all commercial messages. 

After the storage period we will anonymize the information. When we anonymize the information, we will use the remaining information for our own research and analysis to get an insight of the the use on WordJo. 

13. Provision to third parties

Without your permission we will not provide information to parties other than WordJo, with the exception of the following: 

WordJo can provide information to third parties when we are obligated by law and/or regulations, if WordJo think this is necessary in legal matters/court or if WordJo thinks it's necessary to protect her rights. 

WordJo will also provide information to WordJo's external companies who are commissioned to process personal data. Your information will only be used for executing this. An example of this is the hosting of the central database of WordJo. WordJo has made agreements with these companies in which there were made security measures they have to take to protect your information. 

In short...

We don't sell personal information to external organisations or companies. Only if we have to on the basis of law, a law suit or any other interets of WordJo we shall provide personal information to third parties. We use third parties who process personal information commissioned by WordJo. This are the processors of WordJo. 

14. Protection of information 

We attach great value to the security of your information. We took appropriate technical and organizational measurements to protect your information for loss or to any form of 
unlawful processing. 

We think it's important that the information is stored wijting the European Economical Space (EER). Where the information is stored outside the EER, we make sure that the storage is in agreement with the law of guaranteed appropriate protection level. We have signed the EU Model Clauses with third parties and the processing of data will happen on the grounds of the EU-VS privacy shield.  

In short...

We made sure that your personal data is well protected. This is one of our highest priorities. Our servers are in the European Union. When we process data outside the EU, we have guaranteed the appropriate protection level.

15. What are your rights?

We try to react to your request within one (1) month. There is a possibility that we need more time. If this is the case then we will inform you before the end of the month. The extra time will not be more than two (2) months. Unless there is an emergency. 

Requests can be done through e-mail: Send the e-mail from the address you are known to us, so we can request the information that belongs with your account. 

When we can't establish (fully) that personal details relates to the requested information, we can ask you to specify this more and ask for more information. 

There is a possibility that we will reject your request, for example because your request is unfounded or excessive or we (from a legal point of view) can't meet your request. We will inform you of any rejection. There is also a possibility that we will ask to identify yourself before we consider your request. 

Right of inspection
You have the right to submit a request to find out if we process the personal data. When this is the case, we will according to the law provide you a copy of the collected personal data.  

Right of rectification 
You have the right to submit a request to rectification of incorrect concerning your personal data. When possible, you also have the right to supply additional personal data to complete your personal data. 
You can also put this data in your WordJo parent/main/head/user/player/child account. 

Right to be removed 
You have the right to submit the request of removal of (certain) personal information (the right of oblivion). If your request will be granted, we will delete your personal information.  

Right of limitation 
You have the right to submit a request to limitation of personal data. This means that, if your request will be granted, we will not process your personal details any further unless this is granted/ allowed by law. 

Right to object
You have the right to, under certain circumstances, object to the processing of your personal details, for example if we process your personal details on the base of 
legitimate interest. If you object, we will weight up the personal interest to the company interest. If personal interests weigh more, we will no longer process your personal information.  

If your personal information is used for direct marketing, you can always object to the processing. In this case we will no longer process your personal details/data/information for this purpose. 

Right to data portability
You have the right to submit a request to data portability. We will provide the information/data which belong to this right on structional, common machine-readable form, so you can hand it over to a third party. 

In short...

We think it's important that you know how we deal with your personal information/data and that you have certain rights concerning your personal information/data. You have the right to request the following: 

  • Right of inspection; 
  • Right of rectification;
  • Right to be removed;
  • Right of limitation;
  • Right to object;
  • Right to data portability.

You can send a request to We will answer your request within one (1) month. You can also check your information in your parent/main/head/user/player/children account. 

16. Children

WordJo sluit de overeenkomst met de ouder/hoofd gebruiker, zodat je kind/de gebruiker gebruik kan maken van WordJo.

17. WordJo, the school account

We offer schools the service of the School account. WordJo has concluded processing agreement. We use the "Model processing agreement prepared by the primary school board, secondary school board, GEU, KBb-E, united in the Edu-K. (these are confirm the European laws/Dutch laws)

You can read the agreement [here]. The school enables WordJo as processor. WordJo only processes (personal) information only commissioned by the school. The school is responsible and the controller in processing the (personal) details, as defined in the AVG the General terms and this privacy statement. 

WordJo uses the e-mail address of the teacher supplied, the first and lastname and the name of the school to inform you about the changes and actions WordJo organises. You can unsubscribe by using the unsubscribe possibility in every e-mail. 

Research and Analysis
Besides using the data of the WordJo School account to analyse school results, to maintain, to secure and to optimise, so we can wherever netessay make adjustments in our websites (apps). The way we do this, we refer to Chapter 11. (research and analysis).

We emphasize that it is not clear for WordJo which child plays in a WordJo school account. The teacher determines which name/first name/nickname will be filled in. 

In short…

WordJo's school account is a different service of WordJo, we offer this account to schools. With WordJo's school account, students and teacher can make use of WordJo during their lessons. There is a test account for schools and the possibility to get the premium account after the use of the test account. 

18. Changes in this Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement can be changes. These changes will be known to you. The latest version of this Privacy Statement is of November 2019. 

19. Articles

This privacy statement applies to the services of WordJo. By making use of this website, you give permission and accent this privacy statement. WordJo respects the privacy of all users of her site and takes care of the personal information you provide be handled in a confidential way. WordJo handles according the law of protection of personal data.

By using WordJo you state that you agree with this privacy statement. We don't collect of use any information for other purposes than described in this privacy statement you agreed to beforehand. 

If a user is younger than 16 years old, we ask for registration the parents' email address/main user address/head user address. The parent/main user/head user will receive the e-mail with which the user can agree to the subscription within WordJo. WordJo is not responsible if a minor (under the age of 16) makes an account on its own initiative.

Article 1. What kind of personal details will WordJo process and why? 

When you made an account on our website and use our service, we ask you to fill in some personal details. 

Your first and last name are used to identify yourself, parents, users, players and teachers.  

Your e-mail address will be used for: 

Restore your password,,

Receive important information about for example important changes/updates of the platform

Your date of birth and gender so we can communicate in the right way. The salutation of our communication and different user interfaces (themes) we use for different users.

Besides this we use anonymized data files (no longer linked to your name) use of research, for example to improve our platform. 

Payment information

When you decide to get a subscription with WordJo, we ask you to fill in your payment information (such as bank account). This information is necessary so the agreement can be carried out, to give you customer support and to keep you informed about (if any) changes in subscription or products. 

Login data 

To secure your account, data and your personal information, we use login information, such as username and pasword. The user can choose his/her own password, which is not easy to guess and consists of at least 12 characters or more (preferably). In addition also other information and other information can be used for identification authentication and authorization of authorized users. 

User info

The information filled in when using WordJo, store settings, calculate learning performance and to improve our platform to fine tune (the level of) the user and in this way make adaptive education possible. If users use WordJo in a school account, then we can also process the information/data about the school. 

Anonymous data for scientific research 

User information can be used in fully 
anonymized form  (people are no longer connected to the individual persons) to provide (external) researchers for research linked to education and the way to learn in the most optimal way.  

Information about the computer equipment of users/players 

WordJo processes IP addresses of visitors to prevent abuse of (such as overload of the network, unauthorised access or attempt to this) and to prevent to process user statistics. We can also recognise the type of the computer of the user (such as type of operating system and type of web browser) to solve and tackle any technical problems sooner. WordJo uses the above mentioned personal information only for the purposes described and the applicable legal obligations. 

Article 2. Who are my personal information provided to? 

WordJo doesn't provide personal information to any third parties unless: 

- this is necessary to make sure the platform of WordJo works as it should work  (for example the suppliers)

- the user hands out a written permission or

- WordJo is by law obligated to provide data.

To provide and guarantee optimal quality, availability and security and safety of the digital educational resources, we make use of the professional suppliers. WordJo has made with all her suppliers contractual agreements guaranteed that personal details will not be used for any other purpose than mentioned in this privacy statement. And that personal data will be secured for loss and unlawful processing. 

Article 3. How can I check, adjust or delete my personal details? 

We offer our visitors the possibility to check, adjust or delete personal information that was provided to us by users/player/parents/children. If your account is deleted we save your information for 3 months on our servers. We do this because account are sometimes accidentally removed. Via a request through: we can delete your info permanentely. Unless the law says differently. Deleted date can't be restored. 

For all your date, you can request an insight into your data. You can do this by sending an e-mail to: 

Article 4. How will WordJo secure my data?

WordJo and all her suppliers will take appropriate security measures to protect personal information for loss and unlawful processing. WordJo take the following measures: 

- Every web application of WordJo is secured with encryptietechnologie (SSL/TLS) te secure the exchange of data.

- Backups will take place on a daily basis to prevent data to be lost. 

- WordJo handles authorization policy to make sure that employees (volunteers) only have access to personal data only when necessary to perform their work. 

Article 5. Use of cookies

5.1 We use cookies to personalise content and ads, for functions within social media and to analyse website traffic. We also share with our partners for social media, ads and analysis. These partners can combine this information you supplied and link this together based on their services. 

5.2 Cookies are little pieces of (text) information which the server sends to the browser so that the browser can send this information for a next visit. The WordJo cookies can't harm your computer or files. WordJo only places the cookies which are absolutely necessary to provide our service in the best way possible. If other cookies will be placed, we will ask for permission. 

Most browsers have standards to accept cookies, but you can adjust your browser to refuse all cookies or to adjust so you know when cookies are being sent. It is possible that some functions and services on our website(s) don't function or have trouble functioning. 

5.3 WordJo uses Google Analytics. These servers are located outside the European Union. Google and all it's subsidiaries have stated to guarantee the appropriate protection according European law. 

Questions and feedback 

We check regularly if the privacy laws are still up to date to our Privacy statement. If you have any questions or remarks, please contact us through:

20. Questions

Privacy is a sensitive point, and rightly so. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us via: 


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