Own list or own method? Method not in WordJo yet?

No problem! We can put any list of any method in WordJo. Geen probleem! We kunnen alle lijsten toevoegen van elke methode!

Can users do this themselves? WordJo is auditive, we work with mp3s and have a huge database. We check every list thoroughly if all words are in WordJo. If not, we will put them in as soon as possible.

We like to keep things accessible for everybody! 

By letting us put in the lists, we keep it in order/accessible for everybody. Mail us via  info@WordJo.com and we will put in the list(s) free of charge! own lists

Would you like your own homepage for your school? No problem, contact us via: info@WordJo.com


WordJo and own lists

It is possible to put a new method or your own lists in WordJo. We will put this in for you free of charge to keep our database clean and accessible for everybody. Learning languages should be fun and easy to find the right lists. We will put in the lists free of charge. Language learning is fun with WordJo. Play games online and learn German, Spanish, French, Dutch and English with WordJo. 

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