Online language gaming is the future!


Learn foreign languages and conquer the world!

Language learning is very important in the world, but a language is hard to learn in a few months.

We have the perfect solution for you:


  • helps studying
  • is a language trainer
  • motivates by rewarding
  • adaptive learning
  • helps you study at your own pace at your own level
  • trains listening skills
  • more fun, faster and more effective language learning
  • Highscore to play with and against each other

The above advantages are there for the students, but we have advantages for you as a teacher too: 

  • less time consuming
  • better performances
  • motivated students
  • less worry to make students enthusiastic for learning languages

WordJo is the latest and newest way to learn and study foreign languages. Developed by professionals for professionals (coaches teachers parents students). This education program is a great help for language teachers to get quick results and make language learning fun! It's very suitable for students with dyslexia ADHD and ADD. 

Playing online language games is the future! 

For only $799 per class per year you can play WordJo 24/7 365 (this year 366 days) unlimited. 

Try it now for FREE.

More than 200 schools in the Netherland and Belgium use WordJo on a regular basis. There is no time to lose....get your free account NOW! 

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Language learning in a modern way in schools? WordJo helps language teachers in learning languages quicker and in a way which fits the modern age. Language learning and playing games online is the future. Make sure your school is ready for online education. Let us help you! Get the school account!

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