FAQ teachers

We would love to work with WordJo in our school, can we put any of our own lists in?

  • Yes of course! However we put them in for you. WordJo works with mp3s, it's important that every list will get the right mp3s. So if you send us your lists, we will put them in (free of charge).
  • Playing online games and language learning is the (new) future, make sure you offer your students the best of language learning.

Can I see as a teacher what my students did and also how well my students did? 

  • Yes, definitely! There is a special account called "The school account". You have full control of your class and your students. You put the tasks in for your students and you can also put in the difficulty level and also what norm to enable WordJo to give and actual grade. We put this in so you can have requirements on the tasks, a challenge is always good for students.
  • There is a highscore per class, students can play against each other. It's super fun! Ja! Click  here

With WordJo you can also do tests, how does it work? 

  • In every game a students plays WordJo calculates how well the student did. There is of course a norm which you can put in as a teacher. WordJo does the rest and checks how many good answers were chosen and how many wrong. You can put in a minimum in the norm of a test so students have to meet the required level. We all go for quality, right?

Is WordJo suitable for secondary education?

  • WordJo is suitable for everybody who would like to learn foreign languages. It doesn't matter how old you are, if you like playing games and it helps you in learning a language why wouldn't you use WordJo?

From which age is WordJo suitable to play?

  • As soon as a person can read, WordJo is suitable! In general we say from the age of 8 and up, but this depends on the kid. There are kids that use WordJo at a very young age. Teach them young!

Which language does WordJo as a platform have? Will there be more languages?

  • English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch at the moment. We have plans for other languages, make sure you will become a member of our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter account so we can keep you posted.

I lost my password, what can I do? 

  • No problem, type in your e-mail address with "I forgot my password" and check your e-mail box. Check in your junkmail too if you don't receive an e-mail from us.

Why isn't there an app of WordJo?

  • A program can be played on every device, an app is more suitable for tablets/iPads and mobile phones. WordJo can be played on all device, that's why we chose for a program. An app is on our wish list though, so yes definitely for the future.

We have a method which is not in WordJo, is it possible to put those lists in?

  • It is possible to put in lists in WordJo, this goes through us via  info@WordJo.com , check on own lists for more info.

How does the free School account works?

  • Per school it is possible to use 1 free account for the period of max 2 months. This is a trial period. Not all features can be used for this, it's a limited account. You can however play and test this account with your class.
  • Step 1: Make an account and give your classroom a name
  • Step 2: Add students
  • Step 3: Add tasks for your students to do, put in the start and end date
  • Step 4: Add a norm to the tasks so WordJo calculates a grade for this task
  • Step 5: Click on the student for his/her login name and password. Give this to the student, or change it into your own custom nickname and password.
  • Any other questions? Check the page "info on school account"

I have more classes and would like to use this for more than one, is this possible?I

  • It is possible, the trial out period is 2 months max. please contact us for the possibilities mail us via  mail: info@WordJo.com


WordJo is online language learning, foreign language learning of the future. Step into the world of WordJo and find out how great language learning is. Get yourself a golden future with WordJo, affordable prices, only for the best! Get your account now! WordJo makes language learning more fun!

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