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WordJo is a game. Is it therefor good enough for my child to learn? 

  • Playing and learning is proven and researched by professors to be more effective than learning from a book. Children are raised with a telephone and love using it, why not use it for an educational way like WordJo? Learn to deal with phones, tablets, iPads, computer, MacBook, Chromebook other than just play is important for kids. All these innovations are part of the every day life of people and especially children. Why not use them in an effective way? Children learn that you can use ICT in an educational, effective and fun way.

How does WordJo help my kid with studying?

  • WordJo is an interactive way of learning, the speed, the direct interaction by hearing the words you speed up the learning process. No other program has this feature of playing and hearing the words right away. Your kid will be into the world of WordJo. No distractions, no sounds just the words. WordJo trains your kid with his/her listening skills, putting the words in the longterm memory and there is also a spelling trainer built into the program. Listening skills are very important because of the interaction in a language. Within understanding a person, a conversation is hard, with WordJo and the listening skill training, we help your kid in recognising the sounds and getting formiliar with the language.
  • The analysis gives your insight in what your kid needs to study. This is will speed up your learning process.

How can I check as a parent what my child has done on WordJo's platform? 

  • There is a special account for parents. Here you have insights what your kid did and also how well your kid has done his/her games. The error analysis gives an indication how well your kid knows the words and tells you about the progress your kid is making. It's good to have an insight in the performances of your child. It is also possible to play along, get yourself an account and make it a nice contest. You are never too old to learn, right?

From which age is WordJo suitable? 

  • As soon as your kid can read he/she can us WordJo! In general we make suggestions for children of 8 and up, but some kids are very smart and play WordJo at a much younger age. If your kid is motivated to learn a foreign language, let them start young!  "Catch them young!"

Will my child learn language faster with WordJo? 

  • Playing and learning is for everybody more fun than learning from a book. WordJo takes children into the world of language learning and guides them through the game and different levels. WordJo is a personal trainer online, with learning, word knowledge trainer and spelling. Besides a trainer is WordJo also a motivator. There are different motivation put in the game, and of course saving up Jocoins for dressing up your Avatar is very popular among WordJo users.

Is WordJo a proven program to study languages? 

  • The people behind are teachers, ex teachers, dyslexia experts, parents and students. This makes WordJo unique because we adapted the program to the modern standards and we have a lot of knowledge to make the best program possible. We think feed-back from users is very important. Most suggestions we were able to put into the program. Check our reviews....or even better, try it yourself, it works!

Why is WordJo more fun in learning foreign languages? 

  • You don't realise you are learning. If you have fun in what you do, your brain will pick it up quicker. We have enough boring things in our life, right? 

My child has a lot of trouble studying for a lot of things, will WordJo work for my kid? 

Everybody learns differently, we know this too. WordJo helps a lot of people worldwide. Our learning tips are famous, we post a new tip every day. We love to help with learning, that's what we do and do best. Valuable tips if you are stuck in the learning process. 

  • Do you know we help parents too? We send tips and tricks through e-mail, so you don't have to come up with all the solutions, we love to think along.
  • Read the WordJo blog, Jolanda (the founder of WordJo) posts valuable insight information about kids, teenagers, learning languages, insights and ideas to understand your kid in a better way!
  • Make sure you receive our newsletter, it's free!  info@WordJo.com 

WordJo is different from other programs, why is that? 

  • Learning languages can be done in so many ways. WordJo is unique in the world, there is nothing like this program. We don't want to be a copy, we want to be unique. We are all different, so is the way we learn and study, so we want to make a difference.
  • WordJo is fast and interactive, not boring at all! We wanted to create a program which would help kids to focus. With only 5 minutes a day you will notice a big difference in language learning.
  • Lots of students gave feed-back that most programs are "boring" and "all the same". We wanted something modern and easy to study with.
  • A kid doesn't want to start something which is boring and dull. We make it more fun, still you have to put some effort in it!
  • We use (near) native speakers so no computer voices, we are humans and we love to hear humans.
  • We will give you feed-back and a extended analysis in facts and in graphs. This is a fun way to improve what you need to learn. Motivation is key we believe!
  • We give every player an Avatar to dress up with the gained point....we love to motivate people...we all can use some, right?


WordJo is so different from other online programs, what exactly is different? 

  • We believe the power of repetition. To learn something and to get this information in your long term memory you need to see and hear a word several times, preferable in different ways....         That's why WordJo has 44 levels to play! Knowledge from the top of your head=knowledge for a lifetime!

My kids don't like that much, will they like WordJo? 

  • A child needs to realize that life isn't about all fun and games. Without any effort there won't be any knowledge in those brains. All we can do is to make it as fun as possible. Let them choose...a book or WordJo?

Are there any tips how to use WordJo in the best way? 

  • Yes! Parents can't possibly know everything! We help parents with tips and tricks how to get the most out of WordJo. There is enough on your mind, let us help you. Make sure you'll get the newsletter so you won't miss our information.

We would love to add a special wordlist, is this possible? 

  • Of course! Mail us the list and we will put them in especially for our customers. Learn your own words! Is doesn't get any better than that!

My kid's school would like to use WordJo but they made their own method. Is it possible to put words in WordJo?

  • No problem! Mail us the list/lists or send a picture of the list and we will put them in, free of charge!

Why is WordJo not free? 

  • Our toilet doesn't flush for free.....hahaha! We ask a reasonable amount to use WordJo and to learn a foreign language/foreign languages. We are our own investors, and making a program like this costs money, also maintaining it and of course developing new material so we can make WordJo bigger and better than ever!

Is it possible to support WordJo financially? 

  • Yes please! We are always looking for funds and investors who care about education and learning foreign languages like we do. We love to connect people, it would mean a lot if you could support us financially! Mail us: info@WordJo.com or get your own account.

Why isn't there an app of WordJo? 

  • A program online is accessible to all devices, also a computer or a laptop. With an app this is not possible. WordJo can be played on all devices. Who knows maybe in future we will get an app, for this we need money.....this is definitely one of our wishes for the future.


We play WordJo at home

24/7 discover and play English/French/German/Spanish and Dutch learn and play. Maximum 5 players can use WordJo in a family account.

We play WordJo in our school

This account is only for schools and teachers! Play with and against each other!


Foreign language learning with WordJo is fun, quick and good for your future. Start now with foreign language learning with WordJo. You can play and practice on every device, also mobile phone. Learn foreign languages, whenever and wherever. Try the demo and order WordJo now, you deserve it! 

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