Dyslexic and learning languages

People who have dyslexic struggle in school. Words don't mean much to them and they avoid language as much as possible. Studying is hard, cause all is language. However, it is very important especially for people with dyslexic to keep reading and keept studying. 

Strong points of dyslexic people 

People who have dyslexic are usually very strong auditory. Hearing words and sounds is very important for them and they love it when you read to them so they can listen to the sounds. As a parent you would love to help dyslexic people, but maybe you struggle with language too? Or maybe your pronunciation is not as good as it should be (according to your kid). Do you give up because language is not your thing? You love to talk to people, but studying is not your strong point?


WordJo has the perfect solution, also for people with dyslexia 

WordJo lets people play language games and in this we use a lot of audio. We even added a special dyslexic font (click the blue button) and worked together with dyslexic experts. We help dyslexic people with this special font and with auditive levels at your own pace. Anything to help people who have trouble reading but like to learn foreign languages:

WordJo for people with dyslexia: 

  • learn languages with our special dyslexic font which is according to experts the best way to learn and study words
  • Train languages at your own level and pace, the program adapts to the user, so learning as fast and as suitable as possible for every user.
  • WordJo is auditory, you will hear words pronounced by native speakers which improves your listening skills. This is very important for language learning.
  • Repetition is the power of learning, many repetitions is important for language training.
  • The reward system works in a stimulating way and keeps people motivated. Also great for people with dyslexia, keep going, keep learning, get better! 
  • WordJo is a combination of words and sounds, hearing and reading works stimulating and makes sure your reading skills will improve in combination with your listening skills. 
  • WordJo stimulates and motivates which increases the confidence 
  • Giving insight in your own results
  • Consistent with methods used in schools and language learning 

More information? Read my blog about dyslexia, click here klik hier

Get WordJo here: click here

Dyslexie en WordJo:

Train your listening skills!

Learning languages and playing games!

Train on your own level at your own pace!

Need motivation? Our reward system will give it to you!

WordJo make foreign language learning fun also for dyslexic people

Everybody likes foreign language learning with WordJo. WordJo was made by educational professionals so we know about how difficult language learning can be for people with dyslexia. WordJo created an own font which you can use on WordJo. Besides, we keep in mind that not everybody is quick in language learning. We adjust and make language learning fun for everybody. WordJo is suitable for every level and brings a challenge for all students. With WordJo you will hear lots of words, this is good for your language skills and great for dyslexic people to learn languages. WordJo is in that way very suitable for dyslexic people. Try the demo yourself.

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