This is how you get this international job!

Languages become more and more important in the world.

The lastest technology makes the world smaller and is important for modern education. Unfortunately we see subjects disappear from schools, all due to the fact that specific teachers are no longer available or chose a profession out of education.

German is taught in Dutch schools for example but much less now than it was taught when I was young. Kids can choose German in secondary education, if they are lucky that the school still has enough teachers who can teach the German language. Changes go gradually and unfortunately the German language taught in Dutch schools will fade away gradually. Sad, since Germany is an important import export country and our friendly neighbours. The Dutch were known for speaking their languages… seems like there is only one language which is important: English. 

The German language is not cool!

Even German people would agree, it’s not a language people see as cool/hip/new age. But with the right tools we can make it hip. How about using WordJo for German, i twill make things so much cooler! There are many ways in making a language interesting. Vocabulary is very important to make a language fun. When it’s fun you speak it more….logical, right?

The German language will become more and more important. Especially when you are the one who studied it, at home or in schools. You have more chances in getting that job you’ve always wanted. Sometimes it’s just bad luck that German disappeared from a school or you didn’t find interesting back than to study it, but more so now to brush up your knowledge.

WordJo has theme lists to go through. We fill up more theme lists every week. We’re also working on online lessons in our elearning pages…we keep you posted!

English is Brexit?!

English is the world language…but will this remain this way? Will English remain the lead language online? In ICT? We don’t know for sure….what we do know is that other language increase popularity.

In most European countries, kids have English in school. The level is different per country. It’s always wise if you travel through Europe to know some sentences in other languages. Vocabulary is important, since you don’t want to look up every other word in your phone.

"knowledge is in your head, you can find information on the internet" 

I am in favour of gathering more knowledge. This will make language easier to speak and also more fun to speak. WordJo is a big help in this…play it every day to get that knowledge in your head, ready to use! 

Español es muy difficil?

It’s not an easy language, but such a beautiful language! One of the languages which is spoken a lot in the world. I love to play WordJo Spanish to get to know more and more words. There are many theme lists and I just pick a new one every time. Spanish is relatively new but more and more lists are coming your way. The online elearning lessons are a nice extra. They are coming soon!

French? Ah well I will speak English in France!

Well...good luck with that...or more likely bonne chance! The French speak French, because the are proud of their language. I agree. French is a beautiful language, too bad the language goes a bit too fast for my liking. Still I have enough knowledge to get by and I really enjoy that. Every now and then I play French on WordJo too. It helps in brushing up my old brain. Haha ;o)

Unfortunately also French disappears in the schools in the Netherlands. We don’t have enough teachers and the students are not very keen on the language. It is not an easy language to learn and Spanish is chosen over French because of the opportunities. Still it’s getting more and more important if knowledge disappears. WordJo offers loads of lists to choose from and to study this beautiful language. We are also working on the online lessons…coming soon!

Well off to learning the language of your choice…..


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