How can you buy time as a teacher of languages?

Support for time and work pressure in education.

I started as a teacher of English on 15 September 1997. I decided to quit my career in education in August 2018. In November 2017 I got a hernia and in December 2017 I got very sick cause of adrenal exhaustion. To sit at home and do nothing is not my style and decided to go full speed with WordJo, my passion my company. I wanted to start a product with which I could assist teachers and turn this into my power. 

I asked myself the question: “how can I help students and teachers with my product”.

WordJo is not just a fun game to study your language words. It is also a tool to release the pressure on teachers in class. It was written from the teachers point of view and was developed as such. I worked as an E-buddy in education. For those who don’t know what and E-buddy is, it is a person, usually another teacher who helps teachers to implement computers in their lessons. There is a lot of fear of using computers and ict in classes. Most teachers don’t feel equipped enough to use modern technology and stick to the safe textbook. From my experience as an e-buddy I created the database for the teacher. No matter what level of ict knowledge a person has, they still can use the database of WordJo. 

WordJo is self directed, so students can use and study without any teacher guiding. It is easy to use and putting in tasks for students is a walk in the park. WordJo serves every student at his/her own level. Personalised learning! It is possible with WordJo. How? WordJo adapts to the student, to the level and gives challenges if necessary. Everybody loves a challenge and these challenges are built in for every student for every level. Especially the avatar is a fun way to “work” for your “Jocoins” (WordJo’s currency). There are Jocoins to gain with every language game you play, so the more you play, the more you learn, the better your avatar will look!

Is WordJo only for schools? NO WAY!

It’s for everybody who likes to learn a foreign language. Learning is all about repetition to get these words in your head. WordJo helps you with this.

WordJo can be played “whenever wherever”, you can play WordJo on every device, also your mobile phone. So there is not really an excuse not to study that language you’ve always wanted to study.

WordJo is accessible 24/7 and you can play as many games as you like. Want to try a different language? Not a problem. Once you are a member you can choose from German, French, Spanish and even Dutch! Find out the links all these language have with each other!

WordJo as an online test program

The school account is different account from the individual account. It has a way of testing every student’s skill, this will do WordJo for you. As a teacher all you have to do is set the tasks ready put in the standardization and the program will calculate how many words were good and how many were wrong.

Just imagine how much time this will save for teachers. Do the tests whenever a students is ready. Is a student absent? No problem, do it whenever the student has returned. Online education nowadays is all about working from home, even doing tests at home is one of the options WordJo offers. Writing down the correct answer from your neighbor? Not possible! Every test starts differently! Not satisfied with a grade? Do a retest, as often as you want! WordJo does all the correction, so no extra work for teachers.

For substitute teachers it’s easy to use WordJo, just make sure the students have enough tasks and the students will do something very useful during the lessons.

Most schools have lack of money and have therefore not enough computers and laptops. WordJo can be played on any phone, so no extra investment for schools, because most kids have a phone in their pocket.

Make sure you get that school account now! Click here. 

Let’s play WordJo! 

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Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. 

A different language is a different vision of life- Federico Fellini.

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