The best kept secret for studying a foreign language: WordJo

I am Jolanda (Jo), the founder of WordJo.
After 21 years of education I figured that studying words could be so much more fun with gamification. And I succeeded, Word Jo is studying words in a fun way!

In the past 21 years as a teacher of English I specialized in ICT and education. I did many courses and trained to become and E-Buddy. An E-buddy is another teacher who helps implementing ICT within lessons. An E-buddy knows a lot about ICT in combination with education and is considered to be an expert in the field.

The brain and how to learn is another fascination I have. People learn faster when they do something they like. A language game benefits in a lot, which is not surprising. Don’t we all learn stuff a whole lot quicker when we have fun while doing it? Repeating words on paper is less fun than repeating words in a game. 

Did you know that you actually learn a word thoroughly after you’ve seen it at least 7 times? The power of repetition….

I’ve tested WordJo on the best critics in the world, my students. They came up with ideas and suggestions and all these ideas were implemented into the program. A program made and tested by professionals, the actual people who use it. I got loads of feed-back from my students, let me share a few:

  • “teach, I don’t even realize I’m actually learning with WordJo”
  • “while working with WordJo, time flies, is it already the end of this lesson?”
  • “Studying is so much quicker, I love it”
  • “One’s I’ve started, I want to improve my scores over and’s so much fun”
  • “I really love the avatar, it makes me want to play more 

It always makes me so proud when I hear this, I would love every kid to feel good and proud about him/herself too! Also your kids!

For parents I have some great tips too! I send tips and tricks every other week via e-mail which you can use to get the most out of the WordJo experience. One tip I always give is to play WordJo at the same time every day. It doesn’t have to be long, we all have 5/10/15 minutes to spare.

Become a member and get all sorts of tips in your e-mailbox. You can also check my 366 days of learning tips I post every day on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Start learning a foreign language today. 

Get ahead of everybody and create yourself a future full of opportunities!


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