Corona crisis

We are proud to help so many schools with online education!

Today is the 6th of May 2020. We live in a special year. Schools are closed, hairdresser's are closed, physio therapists are closed even the bars are closed....everything is closed all cause of a mysterious virus. I've seen many movies about a scary virus which was holding the earth hostage. But nobody could have predicted that 2020 would be a year in which the earth came to a stand still cause of a flu virus. 

The year 2020 is a special year for WordJo. All of a sudden online education wasn't something extra, it became a necessity! We helped more than a 180 schools in the Corona crisis and we are very proud we could be of service to these schools. All free of charge! Yes you read that correctly...we helped them for free. Help in a crisis is the done thing and helping is what we believe in. 

Hundreds of games were played per school, some school are way over 1000 games! That is a lot of knowledge for those kids! The most beautiful Avatars were created by students. The avatars are such a big hit for the students, they love this positive stimulation.

How will education look after the Corona crisis?

Hopefully we will continue the trend of online education. We have so many possibilities, why not make a great combination of both? Lots of students love home schooling and it does the world of good if we have a choice. I've seen so many initiatives. It wouldn't be fair to go back to the old situation because we can't live in the past, we need to move foreward.

WordJo would love to be part of the learning process. We believe we will be a part of language learning now and in the future. We would love to develop WordJo and this is something we can't do without (financial) support. Will you support us? Get a premium 24/7 school account and or an individual account. This would help us a lot!

In the meantime, take care of each other, and yourself of course! 



p.s. Does your school play WordJo? Do you know a school which would benefit from WordJo? Try it for free!


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