A popular language all around the world, the language of love ❤️

Did you know that 77 million people speak French as their mother tongue? And 208 million speak French as a second language. 

Of course they speak French in France, but also in Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland, Canada, Louisiana, Haiti and big parts of Africa and South-East Asia. 

Enough reasons and definitely enough people to speak French with in the world. Our Parcival (the native French voice) helps you learn this beautiful language with words and short sentences. It is important to work on your listening skills and yes it goes fast but you will get used to it I promise! 

Train your language skills with WordJo. 

Study by playing games....this is the future! 

C'est parti! klik here

Do you want to know more about our French voice? Klik on his name:  Parcival

Playing games and language learning

Learning in a game = fun!

Train your listening skills!

Hear words, train your listening skills!

Reward system with cool Avatar!

We all love a reward!

Learn faster!

Lists ready for you to play and learn!

Get yourself a golden future!

Create more job opportunities by learning French!


Learn French in a fun way, online. Online education in a new way...learning French in an online language game. Foreign language learning made more fun. French words and sentences with WordJo. Online education whenever, wherever with WordJo. Learn your languages and conquer the world! Get yourself a golden future by learning a foreign language. Let's play WordJo!

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